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Aqueous Primer

Installation image
Installation image
After installation
After installation


Aqueous Primer


  • Primer is used on installation of the waterproof sheet or on coating waterproof work on the floor, wall and ceiling of the underground facilities such as the underground parking lot, etc.
  • Used as the primer on finishing coating of the mortar or concrete floor surface such as on the factory


The water-based primer uses acrylic resin as the medium to be added with various high-polymer compounds to increase the adhesive power, weatherproof performance and durability, etc., and the penetration and adhesive power to the concrete surface are very outstanding to minimize the faults such as poor adhesiveness on the secondary process of waterproof sheet installation. In addition, the waterproof function of the waterproof sheet can be maximized


  • Eco-friendly Product
    The product uses water and eco-friendly acrylic resin as the main ingredients to have no risk of fire, and the product is free from substances that are harmful to the environment such as toxic gas

  • Durability
    This product has outstanding penetration and adhesive power to the concrete or mortar surface, and the functions are upgraded for unification with the attaching surface on waterproof sheet installation

  • Constructability
    There are no limitations in the construction method including the use of brush, roller and spray, etc., and the product can be easily cleaned with water including tap water when smeared on the skin or on the clothes, etc.

Physical Characteristics


Black viscous liquid

OdorWeak ammonia odor
Flash pointNo data
Specific gravity1.2 ± 0.5 g/㎤
Viscosity8,000 ± 500 cps(at 25℃)
SolubilityWater soluble and changes to non-soluble after hardening


  • This product must be stored indoors in a shady place guaranteed of the temperature above zero
  • Remaining products after use must be sealed with a cap to be stored in the condition stated above
  • On long-term storage, there can be separation in layer due to the difference in specific gravity of the raw materials used in the product, but there is no problem in the quality, stir and mix appropriate for use
  • The product can be used for 1 year by avoiding the condition of freezing in the winter season

Installation Method

  • This product can be installed through various methods including the use of brush, roller and spray, etc.
  • Please remove the dust and oil completely from the surface. Especially, sufficient amount of repair work is required if there is serious laitance
  • Complete drying of the applying surface is recommended, but this product can also be used even when the surface is slightly wet
  • About 0.3~0.5kg/㎡ is required on application
  • Tack-free within 4 or more hours, and more than 12 hours are required for complete drying
  • This product must be used after shaking and mixing sufficiently, and the remaining product must be sealed with the cap. Please shake and mix sufficiently on reuse
  • The product must not be used in the temperature under -5℃, and the product must be stored in a warm and shady indoor environment in the winter season

Product & Construction

  • Attaching Surface: Concrete or cement mortar, etc.
  • Coating film state after installation: Transparent or gray-black color
  • Theoretical coating thickness: 30~50μ
  • Drying Time: Tack-free within 3~4 hours / Complete drying of 12 or more hours
  • Diluent and cleaning fluid: General water
  • Storage Period: 1 year (Indoor storage of 5℃ or more in temperature)
  • Packing Unit: 18L unit packing

Patent Application & Various Test Reports

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