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Water-based Nonflammable Glue



water-based Nonflammable Glue


  • Adhesion of lightweight insulation materials such as ceramic and perlite to the steel plate or mortar surface
  • Glue for fire door


This product is produced by mixing the eco-friendly ingredients of silicate resin, methacrylate resin and additives with eco-friendly fillers to have outstanding adhesive performance, durability, water resistance and nonflammable performance, etc.


  • Eco-friendly Product
    Eco-friendly soluble ingredients are used to prevent any risk of fire, and does not include substances that are harmful to the environment such as toxic gas, etc.

  • Durability
    This glue has outstanding adhesiveness and water resistance when attaching ceramic or lightweight interior stone to the steel plate, concrete or cement mortar surface

  • Constructability
    Brush or hera, etc. is used for application and attachment, and when applying to the wall or the ceiling, support must be installed until it is dried completely. The product can be easily cleaned with water including tap water when smeared on the skin or on the clothes, etc.

Physical Characteristics


Milky-white viscous gel type

Specific gravity 1.0 ± 0.5
Viscosity120,000 ± 5,000 cps(at 25℃)
Continuous drying 40 ~ 60 minutes
Complete hardening 24 hours or more
SolubilityWater soluble and changes to non-soluble after hardening


  • This product must be stored indoors in a shady place guaranteed of the temperature above zero
  • Remaining products after use must be sealed with a cap to be stored in the condition stated above
  • When reusing the remaining product, there can be a film from surface drying, but there is no problem i the product performance, and the product is restored to its original state after mixing sufficiently
  • The product can be used for 1 year by avoiding the condition of freezing in the winter season

Patent Application & Various Test Reports

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