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Water-based Waterproof Coating Material

Water-based Waterproof Coating Material
Water-based Waterproof Coating Material
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Water-based Waterproof Coating Material


  • Waterproof coating on the floor, wall and ceiling of the underground facility such as the underground parking lot, etc.
  • Waterproof coating before finishing the bathroom wall
  • Finishing coating on the mortar or concrete floor surface of the factory, etc.


Silicate resin and styrene acrylic acid copolymer resin are used to be a eco-friendly product harmless to the human body

In addition, the product has outstanding water resistance, durability and weatherproof performance, and the product results in unification with the waterproof coated surface through chemical reaction with the silicate resin and concrete or main ingredient of the mortar of cement to have strong resistance to cracks and external impact
The water-based waterproof coating agent is colorless and transparent on installation to the concrete or mortar surface, and various colors can be expressed according to the requirements of the consumer


  • Eco-friendly Product
    The product is a solventless type to use eco-friendly aqueous ingredients for having no risk of fire, and substances harmful to the environment such as ingredients that emit harmful gas are not included

  • Durability
    This product has outstanding penetration into the concrete or mortar surface to have the silicate resin and cement ingredients included in this product resulting in chemical result to strengthen the coherence with the film on the waterproof layer. In addition, the resistance to crack on the concrete or mortar is reinforced to guarantee the original state of the building

  • Constructability
    There are no limitations in the construction method including the use of brush, roller and spray, etc., and the product can be easily cleaned with water including tap water when smeared on the skin or on the clothes, etc.

Physical Characteristics

AppearanceMilky-white liquid
OdorWeak ammonia odor
Specific Gravity1.0 ± 0.5
pH10 ~ 12
Flash pointNot applicable
ReactivityNot applicable
VolatilityNot applicable
Freezing point-5℃ or less
Viscosity1,500 ± 100cps(at 25℃)
Continuous drying 3 hours or more
Complete drying3 hours or more
Cleaning and DiluentThere are no limitations in the construction method including cleaning, diluted solution wateroller and spray, etc., and the product can be easily cleaned with water including tap water when smeared on the skin or on the clothes, etc.


  • The product must be stored indoors in a shady place guaranteed with the temperature condition of above zero.
  • This product can be formed with separated layer due to the difference in specific gravity for each raw material. However, it does not affect the quality of the product, and the product can be used by mixing properly
  • Product remaining after use must be sealed with a cap on storage in the conditions stated above
  • The product storage period is 1 year, and conditions that can result in freezing in the winter season must be avoided

Installation Method

  • This product can be installed through various methods including the use of brush, roller and spray, etc.
  • Dust and oil on the surface must be removed completely
  • The surface must be dried completely, but the product can still be used even when the surface is slightly wet
  • For new buildings, the product must be applied 0.3~0.5 kg/㎡. On one-time application, there is no problem in realizing the features of this product, but 2 times of application is recommended on finishing work of factory floors. 0.1~0.3kg/㎡ is appropriate for 2 times of application
  • After the first application, the second application must be after 24 hours of drying
  • After the first or second application, please avoid contact with water for 3~5 days. When in contact with water after 3~5 days, there is a tendency to absorb water after about 24 hours, but this is due to the silicate resin penetrating into the mortar to strengthen the mortar surface and the inside. Perfect waterproof performance will be shown afterwards when in contact with water
  • This product must be used after shaking and mixing sufficiently, and the remaining product must be sealed with the cap. Please shake and mix sufficiently on reuse
  • The product must not be used in the temperature under -5℃, and the product must be stored in a warm and shady indoor environment in the winter season

Product & Construction

  • Attaching Surface: Concrete and cement mortar, etc.
  • Surface state after coating: Matt (transparent, white, gray)
  • Theoretical coating thickness on 1-time coating: 40~50μ
  • Coating frequency: 1~2 times
  • Theoretical application amount on 1-time coating: 0.3~0.5kg/㎡(1~1.6kg/3.3 ㎡)
  • Drying time: Tack-free within 3 hours/ 24 hours or more in complete drying / Recoating interval of after 24 hours
  • Diluent and dilution rate: Water, within 5%
  • Storage Period: 1 year (Indoor storage of 5℃ or more in temperature)
  • Coating Method: After the first coating, please perform the second coating after 24 hours
    Contact with water should be avoided for 3~5 days after the second coating
  • Packing Unit: 18L unit packing

Patent Application & Various Test Reports

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