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Self-adhesive anti-vibration pad

Product Image
Product Image
Scope of Application : Roof
Scope of Application : Roof


Self-adhesive anti-vibration pad (DEADNER-ANTI VIBRATION PAD)


It is generally used for the soundproof and dustproof purposes on the roof and fender panel of the vehicles


  • Attached to the steel plate of the vehicle body to reduce the vibration coefficient
  • The indoor noise is reduced to provide silence for the driver


Item on the black soft sheet formed into a specific shape after preparing with butadiene rubber, filler and adhesive, etc.


  • The odor grade is improved companied to the product applied to automobiles to be possible for application even on household appliances
  • Currently used partially by attaching to dishwasher TUB
  • Anti-vibration performance is more outstanding on dishwashing compared to the asphalt pad and rubber pad
  • Installation is convenience from being self-adhesive type (Separate adhesion facility is not required)




Specific Gravity


1.3±0.05 ~ 2.05±0.05 possible

Invasion Degree

55 ~ 65

55 ~ 100 possible

Contraction Rate


90±2℃ x 30 min. → Cooled in room temperature

Heat-resistant Aging

No deflection, stripping, discoloration or swelling

90±2℃ x 168 hours → Cooled in room temperature

Moisture resistance

No deflection, stripping, discoloration or swelling

40±2℃, Relative Humidity 95±2% x 168 hours → Cooled in room temperature

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