Garmy Advanced Material co.,Ltd specializes in Anti-vibration materials and
watertight materials for automobiles and electronic components.


List of Patents

No.Patents No.Patents Name

No. 10-1964680

Asphalt primer composition and construction method of the asphalt waterproof sheet using this


No. 10-1993615

Paint waterproof coating material composition and construction method of the paint waterproof coating layer using this

No. 10-2063758
Eco-friendly wallpaper using pine needles, rice hall and sawdust and its manufacturing method

List of Patent Application

No.Patents No.
Patents Name

No. 10-2018-0083279

Eco-friendly ceiling material and its manufacturing method

No. 10-2018-0120337
Manufacturing method of the eco-friendly metallic salt silicate resin with outstanding water resistance
No. 10-2019-0026608
Inflammable mold-type pipe insulating material and its manufacturing method

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